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BoomerangIt Japan, Inc. is a Japan corporation licensed by BoomerangIt, Inc., the leading global lost and found return service, which is headquartered in San Leandro, California, to use the BoomerangIt trademarks and systems to operate a membership lost and found service in Japan and other countries in Asia.

BoomerangIt, Inc. (USA), founded in 2000, pioneered the online lost and found return service, product registration, and product genealogy. BoomerangIt owns and evolved from the National Bike Registry (NBR®), the leader in bicycle safety in the USA since 1984. BoomerangIt uses advanced security and database technologies to provide an easy, centralized, and inexpensive means to label and identify valuable items. In the event of loss or theft, BoomerangIt facilitates the items return to the rightful owners, anywhere in the world. More than 1.2 million members in the USA and other countries benefit from the BoomerangIt superior proprietary “search and match” technology, making it the leading property protection and recovery service of its kind. Working with more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA alone, as well as hospitality and transportation lost and found departments, and Good Samaritans who report found items, BoomerangIt recovers items every day, worldwide. BoomerangIt is the official, exclusive Lost and Found licensee of the USA’s National Crime Prevention Council (McGruff® the Crime Dog). BoomerangIt is also included as a value-added service with products from leading manufacturers.

BoomerangIt supports reporting of lost and found items online in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese – and now, with BoomerangIt Japan – in Japanese. Through established relationships with leading international shipping companies, BoomerangIt facilitates return of items worldwide.

Now, BoomerangIt Japan offers this same unparalleled service of reuniting our members with their lost items through our “MyBoomerang” service.

The personal property of our members can be securely registered for the BoomerangIt Japan “MyBoomerang” lost and found service. MyBoomerang makes it easy to confidentially return your lost or stolen items when they are found by another person, organization or police. Our MyBoomerang membership provides registered missing items multiple ways to "find" their owner:

  • by matching the label number
  • by matching the product serial number
  • by matching the descriptive information provided upon registration
  • by matching the time and location an item has been lost and found

Corporate members may label and register a variety of valuable items such as laptop PCs, company security passes, cell phones, and more.

To sign up for BoomerangIt Japan’s “MyBoomerang” membership just click “membership” (currently only available in Japanese) to sign up for an annually renewable membership. Membership includes six uniquely serialized MyBoomerang ID labels and/or tags that can be affixed to any item you own and these labeled items can then be registered on the members’ only section of the BoomerangIt Japan website. Membership is a very affordable \1,260(including tax) with the above six labels, for the first year and only \1,260 (including tax) with the above six labels, for renewal years. You may also call us at 03-3363-8811 (English or Japanese).

MyBoomerang labels, tags, key rings, and other items are also available to OEMs and companies as an added benefit to customers, or as gift items, or to protect company assets in the possession of employees (for example, labels on company laptops). Please contact BoomerangIt Japan for further information.

Principal Business: Agent for recovery and return of lost items

BoomerangIt Japan
NTS Bldg. 1F
8-10-17 Nishishinjuku
Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo
Japan 160-0023
Tel: 03-3363-8811
Fax: 03-3363-8830
Email: info@bij.jp
Website: www.bij.jp

Established: November 2005
Capital: 40 million yen
Representative Director: Toru Yamakawa

MyBoomerang Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyBoomerang?

MyBoomerang is BoomerangIt Japan’s lost property recovery service. BoomerangIt Japan, Inc. is licensed under an exclusive agreement by USA based BoomerangIt, Inc. (USA) to sell and market the BoomerangIt service and use its system and worldwide network to reunite Japanese and other Asia Region consumers with their lost valuables.

BoomerangIt is a global lost and found return service that works with lost and found departments, law enforcement, Good Samaritans, and others to help return lost and stolen property to its rightful owner worldwide. It uses easy-to-affix, serialized unique ID labels and tags backed by a secure online database to identify recovered items.

How do subscribers benefit from MyBoomerang?

MyBoomerang provides an easy, inexpensive means to securely label and identify valuable items to facilitate their return if lost or stolen. PDAs, laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, luggage, and other items carry irreplaceable information. MyBoomerang saves owners countless hours and resources that would otherwise be wasted replacing the item or recovering lost data, rebuilding contact lists or downloading music. MyBoomerang provides secure online inventories for personal and corporate property that can be used to substantiate ownership in case of product loss, theft or damage.

MyBoomerang makes it simple for people who find lost items, or lost and found departments, or law enforcement agencies that recover lost or stolen property to notify BoomerangIt Japan who in return facilitates the item’s return to its registered owner. Because it is so easy to use and because MyBoomerang works directly with law enforcement, hospitality and transportation authorities, it increases the chances that one’s lost or stolen items will be returned.

What kind of items can MyBoomerang be used for?

Anything that's valuable to the owner and vulnerable to being lost or stolen. This includes expensive items, data-carrying devices, or items with sentimental value. The items may range from personal electronics (cell phones, cameras, CD players) to business tools such as laptops, PDAs, and briefcases, to luggage and keys, sports gear, children’s belongings, jewelry, artwork, and more.

How does someone subscribe to MyBoomerang?

A MyBoomerang membership kit is available at the BoomerangIt Japan online store, (www.bij.jp) or by calling or free-dial number (0120-552-892). The basic MyBoomerang membership kit includes 6 easy-to-affix tamper-resistant, serialized security labels and tags. Membership is included with the kit and costs ¥1,260 (including tax). Membership is renewable annually and the labels and tags remain active as long as membership is active. Additional labels and tags can be purchased at an additional cost.

What is the registration process?

Users log onto the www.bij.jp website or call 0120-552-892 to register their membership or items individually. MyBoomerang members get a Temporary ID number in their membership kit which must be used for the initial registration. Upon registering as a member, the new member must choose a user ID and password. Items can then be registered by affixing a MyBoomerang label or tag and registering each item on the member’s only website. Item registration information includes the unique serial number of the MyBoomerang label, along with the serial number of the item (if it has one) and a physical description of the item.

I purchased a product that came with a free MyBoomerang trial. How do I activate it?

Registration methods may vary per product manufacturer. Please follow the instructions included in your owner's manual or registration card. Your free trial coverage starts as soon as we receive your registration record from the product manufacturer or as soon as you have registered online if that is the specified method for your product. Note that some manufacturers or free memberships may have a cut-off date for registration. Please be sure to register your free membership before this cut-off date.

How secure are the labels?

MyBoomerang labels are developed to be extremely durable, easy-to-affix, and tamper-resistant. They can be removed by determined persons. However, it does require time and tools to remove them. Even without its label a recovered item can be identified by its serial number or physical description.

Can my family members put the MyBoomerang labels on their items too?

MyBoomerang labels and tags can be used by anyone the member gives them to. However, only the member can register the labels’ serialized numbers and product information for the labels in the secure members’ only BoomerangIt Japan website since access to this area of the website requires your user name and password. In the event the person you gave the label to loses the item with the MyBoomerang label the found item can only be returned to you as you are the registered MyBoomerang member. You will be responsible for the shipping and handling fees for any such returned item.

How do people return a found or recovered item?

To return a found item, the finder calls the BoomerangIt Japan free-dial number listed on the MyBoomerang label or logs into www.bij.jp and reports the found item - including the MyBoomerang label number and the serial number of the found item (if it has one). BoomerangIt Japan’s service representative matches the found report to the owner’s registration and contacts the owner by phone, fax, or e-mail to let him/her know that the item has been found. At this time, the owner confirms the delivery address (if different from the one on file) and actual shipping costs. Once confirmation of ownership and payment is completed with the owner of the lost item, a BoomerangIt Japan representative arranges with the shipping company and finder for the pick up of the item and subsequent delivery to the owner. Upon confirmation of pick up and delivery by the shipping company, a BoomerangIt Japan service representative follows up with the owner to obtain feedback and a testimonial.

Of course, the finder pays nothing and receives a reward from BoomerangIt Japan, which is a year free MyBoomerang membership and a membership kit.

What about subscribers’ privacy?

BoomerangIt Japan’s system is a secure system utilizing the latest encryption technology designed to protect users’ credit card and personal information. It also enables owners to get their property back through MyBoomerang while keeping the personal information about both finder and owner confidential and anonymous.

Does MyBoomerang partner with manufacturers?

BoomerangIt Japan is currently working with select original equipment manufacturers and other companies to add value to their products and services by including MyBoomerang protection with their Japan sold products and services. Consumers can then register their products at the manufacturer’s website, or at a specially designed BoomerangIt Japan/Manufacturer website, or send in the warranty/information card.

BoomerangIt USA’s product partners include Toshiba digital cameras, Palm handhelds and accessories, Pioneer car stereos, Memorex audio and video products, Tasco binoculars, and luggage and bags from London Fog and High Sierra.

What happens to my membership and registration if I leave Japan?

Your MyBoomerang membership is good worldwide and may be continued no matter where you are living or traveling. You can access your online personal member’s account and information from anywhere in the world using the BoomerangIt Japan website. Your membership may be renewed annually using BoomerangIt Japan’s secure online credit card payment system. Finders of lost items may report the found item on the BoomerangIt Japan website or by calling the BoomerangIt Japan phone line and BoomerangIt Japan will arrange to have your found item shipped to you anywhere in the world.

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